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Semiconductor Refrigeration Phone Cooling Pad Holder

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Ainope launched its first smartphone cooling pad that adopts semiconductor refrigeration technology in July 2019 and people haven't stopped enthusing about the innovation since then. The new pad cools the phone in a short time when playing a game, using TikTok, reading novels, or wtaching TV drama programs, enabling the performance of the mobile phone CPU to stay stable so that phone users can get a better experience.

The appearance of the pad uses an engine design to pay tribute to the classic. In terms of structural details, its designers understand the psychology of the consumer and choose a concave to ensure that the buttons will not be touched when using the pad.

The new gadget works on the principle of semiconductor refrigeration with a semiconductor refrigeration silicon pad as a heat transfer tool. When the mobile phone cooling pad starts to work, it converts the electric energy into heat energy, and then converts it into cold energy through the silicon pad, thereby achieving the purpose of cooling the phone.

The AINOPE laboratory conducted the following experiments with indoor temperature at around 30 degrees:

1. The temperature of the silicon pad can be reduced by 1-5 degrees in three seconds after the device gets energized.
2. Comparison of the cell phone with/ without a cooling pad When using the cooling pad for half an hour, the phone temperature can be reduced to 25-30 degrees; while it is still at a high temperature of 45 degrees without using the cooling pad. It can be seen that the cooling pad can lower the temperature of the phone by 15-20 degrees in half an hour.
3. Comparison of cooling effects of similar products
AINOPE mobile phone cooling pad works by using semiconductor refrigeration technology, while other cooling pads on the market use the fan rotation to reduce the temperature of the phone by 5-10 degrees in half an hour.

Through the above comparison, it can be proved that AINOPE mobile phone cooling pad will be one of the dark horses of year's similar products.

The pad is currently available in three colors, black / silver / gray,with a manual *1, micro charging cable *1, and cooling silicone pad *2 in the box for easy replacement.

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