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How to Take The Power Bank to The Plane Through The Security Check

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When we are ready for a business trip or travel, a power bank that can be taken around is a must-have in our luggage.

Why we need a correct power bank? Regulations about whether the power bank can be with you on the airplane varies with countries, but all of the regulations will include the 5 mentioned below:

1. Certifications of UL, ROHS etc, which is inspected forcibly by country of origin;

2. Clear and visible text. Such as capacity and power rate;

3. Limited quantity and capacity carried by the individual;

4. Check in is not allowed;

5. Charge the devices with power bank on the airplane is not allowed.

Take Civil Aviation Administration of China as an example, it made some regulations about taking the power bank to the airplane, the rated capacity within 100Wh can be taken to the airplane. However, the rated capacity between 100Wh to 160Wh need special permission before you can take it with you. Wh represents the electricity, namely W.

There is a formula of power conversion:

Wh= V x Ah/1000 (V is for voltage, Ah is for current)

For example

The rated voltage of the power bank is 5V, the rated capacity is 10,000mAh, then the rated capacity of the power bank will be 5x10000/1000=50Wh

Civil Aviation Administration of China defines the unqualified power bank as

1 Manufacturer name is unknown.

2 Rated capacity is unknown.

3 Input and output voltage are unknown.

How to choose a power bank?

1 Not the heavier, the better. Maybe there is battery inside;

2 Not the more expensive, the better. We should pay attention to the safety and stability of the battery.

Lithium polymer battery is an upgrade product of lithium Ion battery, it has advantages of huge capacity, small size (thin), safe (non-explosive) over the old version. It’s usually more expensive than general power bank.

All in all, it’s important to have a correct power bank without the worries behind. Next article will introduce how to choose a good power bank.

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